IWS Story

IWS Network was born out of similar but independent ideas from a few women who saw the need to provide support and mentorship to fellow Immigrant and International Women in Science (IWS). They initiated having monthly one on one, in-person meetings used as a safe and friendly space to support each other and share experiences about gender equity, diversity, professional and cultural challenges and opportunities. One day in early 2018, they were discussing about the activities they were all doing in their respective cities and realized they could join forces and invite other women to form a Canada-wide IWS Network. This idea spread rapidly  and thanks to the great support received by many women across Canada, the IWS Network is now led by a fantastic group of women scientists and is present in 8 different Canadian cities, with prospects to include more cities in the future. 

The IWS Network is currently a non-for-profit group (non-registered), driven exclusively by the committed volunteer work of IWS leaders, who are passionate about making a difference in supporting fellow IWS.  Our monthly meetings include well-planned themes, with follow up discussions and support for all of our members via social media and virtual forums. 


To build a collaborative environment for Immigrant and International Women in Science that promotes equity, diversity and inclusion in Canada


  • To share career, gender and multicultural challenges and develop possible solutions.
  • To create awareness about the role immigrant and international women play in advancing science in Canada and the challenges they face throughout their careers.
  • To bring together different working disciplines and environments (academia, industry, government, non-for-profits), promoting networking and professional opportunities. 
  • To provide mentoring and professional experience to transition across working disciplines.
  • To provide support to young girls of immigrant parents who would like to pursue a career in science